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Successfully running a hospitality and leisure business requires considerable commercial acumen. But one thing’s clear - paying guests never want to share their accommodation with uninvited ones. KAMALA Taiming provides many leading hotels, B & Bs,

restaurants, rest homes and golf courses with hospitality pest control services to make sure that never happens.

Even if unwelcome guests do succeed in checking in - as with the recent worldwide bedbug epidemic - KAMALA Taiming soon has the situation back under control. Not only do KAMALA Taiming help hoteliers across the country deal swiftly and effectively with the problem - we also provided informative materials to help room service and cleaning staff understand what they are up against.

KAMALA Taiming’s national network of branch offices means we always have a pest control technician nearby if you need one. It also means we can provide a dependable hospitality pest control service - with regular visits and even electronic surveillance to ensure that you and all your guests always get a good night’s sleep.