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Hygiene and cleanliness standards can never be compromised in this highly competitive industry. From, manufacturing, process and selling of consumables you must able to prove throughout the supply chain process you are protected from pest to your customers.

This is KAMALA Taiming’s department. We maintain Service Level Agreements with most of the country’s leading food manufacturers, processors and retailers to protect their supply chain process against any pest problems.
Different stages of food industry demand different levels of pest control. Our specialist Service Technicians and Quality Assurance Manager will work with you to devise effective defenses at every stage. They can also help with advice on working practices that can stop pests ever becoming a problem. And since we operate out of a network of offices across the country, we can provide the same consistent level of service wherever your manufacturing, process and retail facilities may be.
The food manufacturing industry welcomed KAMALA Taiming’s pest management - with services designed specifically to meet many of the food manufacturing industry’s needs. Our proactive approach to pest management takes manufacturing pest control to a new level, with online reporting providing real-time incident alerts and a complete, transparent audit trail of all the incidents you faced - and how your protection responded.

Our service includes:
Regular, comprehensive on-spot check and processing;
Puts forward the proposal to the potential risk;

You take over the service aims at your service to have custom-made,can satisfy your specific request.