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Beijing Comelin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional PCO (Pest Control Operation) company which is approved by Beijing Center for Disease Control and registered with the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee for pest control and disinfection. "Comeline" can provide you with professional integrated pest management services. According to the actual situation of customers, we can identify the species of pests, put forward preliminary suggestions for pest control, and work out specific and feasible control strategies through consultation with customers. We select equipment and medicines that meet the **** standard and implement the program by operators with sterilization qualifications and experience who are specially trained. In the process of control, according to the monitoring implementation, insect pest reports are filled in to evaluate the control effect and timely adjust the intensity of pest control. We will provide safe, professional and innovative service schemes at reasonable prices to ensure * short-term emergency response, with the ability to respond to unexpected problems, and provide value-added services such as professional pest reports, PEST analysis and related trend analysis charts for customers. We also provide professional disinfection and cleaning services. Our professional services can improve the overall level of pest control to meet the international management standards of enterprises (such as ISO, HACCP, GMP, FDA, etc.).

"Complete, safe and environmental protection" is our goal. We follow and advocate the new concept of "environmental protection and pest control", while pursuing the development of enterprises, we pay more attention to the responsibility to customers and society. "Timely, reliable, meticulous and comprehensive" is our consistent service principle. Make sure you have a clean space while receiving our services. Welcome your consultation, we will send our staff to your office in good faith to provide detailed field inspection and evaluation. I hope that in the process of contacting and following up with you, I can offer you suggestions or help within my power.

Objects of service: food and beverage; commercial buildings; international institutions; hotels and hotels; property management; warehouse storage; education institutions; medical institutions; transportation; family rooms; disinfection treatment.